The ILAW Network is the only organization that brings together legal practitioners and scholars from around the world who represent the rights and interests of workers and unions. As the nature of work becomes increasingly more international, effective representation of workers will require lawyers working together across borders. We hope that you will join us to ensure that all workers have rights and access to effective remedies wherever they may be.

Your membership includes

Exclusive Directory

Access worker rights lawyers around the world through our membership directory

Curated Library

Our library aims to be a resource for legal news, briefs, cases, articles and educational resources from around the world corresponding to our core legal topics

Discussion Forums

The ILAW Network website provides multiple opportunities for collaboration, from topic or regional groups to online discussion forums on the pressing issues of the day.

Calendar of Events

Keep abreast of what is happening worldwide through our calendar, which includes key meetings, conferences, and other important dates.


Don’t want to miss out on breaking legal developments? The website will post important legal developments of interest to workers and unions.

How it Works

The membership criterion is simple – the ILAW Network is open to legal practitioners and scholars who advance the interests of workers and unions. In order to maintain the network as an open space for collaboration, lawyers who work on behalf of employers in matters against workers will not be welcome to join.

1. Application

To join, all you need to do is fill out the online application, containing basic information about you and your practice.

2. Payment

In order to help support the operation of the network, members will be asked to pay annual dues.

3. Approval

Within 48 hours, you will receive an email welcoming you to the network once we have confirmed that you meet the membership criteria.

4. Access

Once approved, you will have full access to the website.


The dues structure is based on a scale whereby lawyers based in OECD countries pay a higher rate than lawyers based in non-OECD countries. Dues reductions or waivers may be considered on a case by case basis.

Individual Membership:

$50 per year (ILAW members in non-OECD countries)
$100 per year (ILAW members in OECD countries)
$250 per year (solidarity rate is encouraged for those who can afford to pay this amount to help subsidize the lower rate for lawyers in developing countries)

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Organizational Membership:

$1000 for national level trade unions (includes membership for 5 lawyers)
$2000 for international/global unions
$500 for NGOs (includes membership for 3 lawyers)

ILAW will personally assist you with registering your members. Please email to begin the process.

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